School Projects & Young People

Why work with schools and young people?

"For most of us, the quest to create a sustainable future is linked to a desire to make the world a better place for our children ... Only by engaging the next generation in the issues we face and the solutions to them, can we create a future that is truly sustainable." Pat Thomas, Stuffed

Different local food projects with schools & young people
There is a huge range of creative work that can be undertaken with schools and young people, both within and outside of formal education. Below are project ideas with links to resources to help get projects off the ground in Somerset.

Start a food cooperative in a school or children's centre, to support families to access affordable local veg. 

Practical education initiatives, such as cooking & growing clubs, Skool Beanz is an inspiring example and offers training to others who want to get started.

Procurement for school meals. See the Food Links project in Dorset as an example.

Schools can participate in the Food for Life partnership, an awards scheme that provides a framework and guidance for schools on how to link school meals with growing, cooking, farm visits and community engagement. Dedicated teams also offer hands on support to school staff who are creating school gardens, caterers working to improve school meals, and farmers who want to host educational visits. For more information visit:

Starting a school garden is a great way to get young people engaged, dirt under the fingernails is definitely the best way to connect with food. See our resource pack below.

Further information & resources

Here is our resource pack for Food growing activities with children and young people. It will help you to develop initial ideas and make decisions before you start growing. There is plenty of advice about the practicalities of setting up a growing area and what to grow, as well as ways to evaluate and celebrate your successes. 

This resource is timeless, but a few of the contacts / links may now be out of date, so please contact us if you need any additional information.

Cover of Growing resource pack - home made raised bed with salad growing it

Contents page


Introduction page with image of red apple

Contents page

Step 1- developing the initial ideas

Step 1 Meare Village primary school case study

Step 1 case study the Mendip Centre

Step 1 - case study brookside primary school

Step 1 - useful websites

Step 1 - list of resources

Step - Define your objectives

Step 2 - suggested tools and gardening equipment

Step 2 - lesson ideas

Step 2 - more lesson ideas

Step 2 - lesson harvesting and storing produce

Sepr 3 - putting ideas into practice - draw up a plan of work

Step 3 - growing crops in containers

Step 3 - Suitable varieties to grow in containers

Step 3 - A guide to growing popular fruit and vegetables

Step 3 - tips on sowing seeds

Step 3 - Health and safety
Step 4 - celebrating your success

Step 5 - evaluating your project

Step 5 - FAQ