Plotgate Community Farm

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Funded by the 2021 Growing Grant

Location: Off Mill Road, Barton St David

What do they do?

You can subscribe as a member to receive regular veg boxes, or get your hands dirty by volunteering on the farm to help grow the community veg. You can even enroll with them to train up in horticulture, if you’d like to take your learning to the next level.

When do they meet?

The farm is open to volunteers on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays from 10am-4pm. Get involved with a range of veg-growing and other jobs on the farm such as infrastructure, ecological monitoring and more.

Who can join? i.e. to volunteer, anyone. Our veg collection points and delivery routes are geographically limited

Is there wheelchair access? No

Get in touch:

website: Plotgate Community Farm - CSA


Growing Grants showcase - Amy Willoughby, director and farmer reports:

Growing Grant

trainees smiling in flower area

The focus was on supporting volunteers and trainee placements, by providing PPE, sustaining food and improving the outdoor kitchen and gathering space. With the grant, we were able to extend our trainee placements to cover a 12 week period. We also had a trainee funded by the farm, so we had three placements altogether. Two trainees have moved on to roles that continue their work in the local food sector, and the third individual plans to return to local food production in the future.

'The trainees provided invaluable support to the growing team and were key in passing on skills, methods and techniques when working with volunteer groups.'

volunteers sitting round a table eating

Shared lunches for trainees and volunteers

'Sharing food with our work groups is a wonderful way of coming together, celebrating food from the farm and connecting people who may be working in different teams.'

We have been providing lunches for volunteers twice each week on Mondays and Fridays. We highly value the multi- generational nature of our volunteer sessions and this opportunity to sit and share. We began providing lunches in August as we decided that providing hot soup in the winter months was most beneficial - we anticipate continuing up to our Christmas break.


Resources and infrastructure

We are about to purchase PPE as the weather is turning and mud season has arrived! We have been waiting on materials for the outdoor kitchen upgrade but we will get to that shortly as the growing season comes to an end and the harvests are safely stored. We complete most of our infrastructure developments over the winter months.

Photos - Amy Willoughby

*See the funding page for more details

(updated 08/02/24)


off Mill Road
Barton St David
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