Our Community Garden - Monkton Heathfield

photo of garden showing long raised growing beds filled with compost

Project: Our Community Garden - Monkton Heathfield

Location: West Monkton Primary School

What do you do? Through volunteers and in conjunction with various classes in the Primary School, we aim to grow seasonal veg so that there is something to harvest at all times of the year. Our plans are for around 60 different crops in the 100m2 of growing space. Some will go home with the school children, but most will be donated to Our Community Fridge - Monkton Heathfield to help improve human health and reduce food budgets across the area.

When do you meet? Somewhat ad-hoc (coordinated via WhatsApp), but tends to be Wednesday lunchtimes and some weekends in peak growing season.

Who can join? Anyone from the local area!

Is there wheelchair access? The site is behind a school gate, so not open to everyone all of the time. When it is open, there is wheelchair access and we have 2 raised planters specifically to allow individuals with mobility issues to be involved.

Contact details: e-mail: Community West Monkton / Facebook