Local Wellbeing Support

Joining a growing group with friendly, like-minded people may be just what you need for your physical or mental wellbeing, or both! You can find your local group on our map here.

If a growing group isn't right for you, or there aren't any in your area, you may be interested in finding other local services and opportunities to support you.

Community Council for Somerset (CCS) have a network of experienced and knowledgeable Village Agents who can help you access basic support and local services, such as community groups. You can find your nearest Village Agent here: Village Agents | Find an Agent (somersetagents.org)

Check out your District Wellbeing Directory and search by categories to find something to suit you:

Sedgemoor: Directory - Wellbeing Sedgemoor

Taunton: Directory - Taunton Well Being Zone

West Somerset: Community Services Directory | (livingbetter.org.uk) -

Mendip: Local Directory - Health Connections Mendip

South Somerset: Directory – Wellbeing South Somerset