Growing & Cooking Training

What’s the best thing about growing and cooking your own food? Hearty meals from your efforts in the fresh air? Sharing produce with friends and family? Affordable fresh food, with the best possible taste?

Somerset Community Food have developed a unique training package that has successfully taught hundreds of people to start growing & cooking food.

The 'Get Set Grow' and 'Get Set Cook' packages give flexible and fun opportunities to learn food growing & cooking, adapting to different structures, groups and settings. The sessions are a mixture of theory and practical work, indoors and out, as the weather, season, and venue allows.

Growing our own food and getting the best out of simple, inexpensive ingredients plays an important part in keeping heathy and dealing with rising prices.

‘Get, Set, Cook’ brings healthy eating and basic cooking skills to Somerset communities and 'Get Set Grow' teaches the first steps in food growing. Information if you would like to take part:






Further information if you are interested in organising training in your community - contact us to see if you are eligible for supported sessions: 0300 365 036 / email:

Get Set Cook