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Sep 1, 2014

Can you make use of local food surpluses?

Somerset Community Food is developing an online resource for small-scale producers relating to 'local food surplus solutions'.

It's better consumed than composted! Overall the aim is to make surplus fresh fruit and veg available to people who need it or can use it productively

The resource will advise people with surplus fresh produce of local community/support groups/organisations across Somerset which could use surplus fresh produce e.g:

  • To give away to people who need it
  • To use themselves (e.g. in community kitchens, drop in centres etc)
  • To raise funds for an organisation (e.g. local organisations who sell fruit and veg to raise money for activities)
  • To barter?


Are you a local group or project who could accept produce contributions and may wish to be listed? Plus, when the on-line resource is at a point to be promoted, could you suggest any relevant local places where it could be advertised?

If you're interested please contact Caroline Lewis at
Food Surplus Worker
01458 833 420