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May 2, 2012

Support local producer Vallis Veg

Market Garden Vallis Veg are asking for letters of support for their planning application.

Another local producer in Somerset is asking for support - please take a minute to help them below:

Market garden Vallis Veg are asking if people would consider writing to Mendip District Council in support of their application for a temporary agricultural residence in support of their business.

You can find full details of the application and how to support it on their website here. The deadline for submissions is 17 May 2012.

Chris & Cordelia say, "We've established and run Vallis Veg for the last four years without living on our market garden site, but – as we explain in the application – we’ve come to conclusion that the business isn’t sustainable in the long run without on site residence. It’s therefore critical for the continuation of our local vegetable box scheme and for the future development of our farm that we succeed in obtaining residential planning permission from the council. We hope you’ll support us in this!"

They would like to emphasise that our application is a temporary application for three years only. If they cannot establish their business on a firm footing by the end of this period, then the site will revert to its prior usage.

Many thanks for your help!