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Sep 23, 2019

GET SET COOK - Your Healthy Eating Plans Starts Here!

The City of Wells Lions and Somerset Community Food, have put together a series of Cookery Classes to promote healthy eating to those at risk / living with type 2 diabetes.

Sat 2nd November - soup, salads and muffins
Sat 7th December - low-carb meals
Sat 11th January - no added sugar snacks and deserts

10:30-12:30 at The Lawrence Centre, Wells

Each class will include:
• Better food choices in the supermarket / the lies of healthy food marketing
• Preparing low-carb healthy recipes
• Tasty ‘no sugar’ alternatives to desert
t• Chop, Chat and Share ideas and Resources with others

Contact us to book your place / if you have any questions.

We are requesting a £3 donation which will help sustain this group into the future