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Oct 1, 2016

Family plot a real success in Wellington

Inspiring news from Emma Rowlandson and Marion Vincent:

Wellington Children’s Centre's families finally got their own allotment plot in February, which was totally over-grown and un-kept and in just over six months it has been totally renovated, redesigned and replanted!

Emma writes;

'Our group of children and their parents meet weekly to manage the plot and have worked very hard together to grow the vast variety of plants, vegetables, flowers and herbs. We have recently gained a “ highly commended” award from the allotment committee which is such a great reflection on the hard work our families have put in'.

Families have been able to take fresh produce home and have returned the following week with fresh baked recipe’s that have been made using our fresh grown produce. They are keen to expand on the work - sharing more ideas and inspiring families with the benefits of growing their own fruit and vegetables. Six families now have their own plot and they will continue to encourage and support them.